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Health Benefits, Uses For Weight Loss, Digestion.

Fennel seeds are popularly known as Saunf in Hindi, a flowering plant belonging to Foeni culum Vulgare family, which is the same species of carrot, caraway, dill cumin and parsley family. This flavour some herb is the dried seeds of the fennel plant which is white and green with feathery leaves bearing yellow flowers.

It is an indigenous plant in the Mediterranean regions and also widely cultivated across the world near the coastal and riverbank regions. India is said to be the largest exporter of saunf. Fennel plant has a mild, licorice-like flavour, sweet and woody taste, the distinct flavour is due to the goodness of potent essential oils.

Fennel seeds are clad by other vernacular names such as sompu in Telugu, peruncirakam in Tamil, perunjirakam in Malayalam, mauri in Bengali and saunf or saumph in Hindi

The rich array of nutrients and powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in fennel seeds are valuable in treating digestive and respiratory ailments, improves vision and also cures menstrual problems..