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Soothes your Skin:
Vanilla soap is an excellent ingredient, which helps to soothe your skin irritations and inflammations. Due to the fantastic aroma of vanilla, it is often used to soothe the mind and also to de-stress your skin. According to reports, it is proved that the topical application of vanilla essential oil helps in improving the skin texture to a great extent.

Prevents Signs of Ageing:
Using vanilla soap essential oil on the face can help to prevent premature ageing and also thwart the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. For those who aren’t aware of the fact then, let me tell you, vanilla is found in many anti-ageing products.

The number of antioxidants found in vanilla extract is equal to the number of antioxidants present in other fruits and green veggies available in the market. The topical application of vanilla essential oil on the under eye circles can help to rejuvenate your skin and also treat the dark circles. For those who have dry under eye skin should consider applying vanilla extract. Massage it under your eyes for some time and wash off with water.

Treats Acne:
Yes, vanilla Soap proves to be an excellent acne healer as it helps to dry out the acne instantly and also prevents bacterial growth. Take some vanilla essential oil and apply directly on the skin. Leave it overnight and wash off with cold water in the morning. Due to antiviral properties, it deep cleanses your skin and unclogs the pores, thus preventing the occurrence of acne and pimples on the skin.

Treats Dry Skin:
Due to a lot of antioxidants and Vitamin B6 found in vanilla, it proves to be an excellent remedy for treating dull and dry skin. Using vanilla essential oil regularly can help to protect your skin from several environmental factors and also keeps it moisturised for a long period of time. The regular application of vanilla essential oil before going to bed helps to treat the dry skin issues by keeping your skin hydrated and moist all the time.

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