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Pearl Cleansing Milk benefits :

An intensive anti-wrinkle cleansing milk for women with aging and mature skin. Pearl Milk moisturzes and nourishes the skin with hydration and cleanse open pores preventing skin from wrinkles and dark spots.

A skin toner’s job is to tone the face by tightening the pores. Our pearl face toner does this so effectively and also instantly moisturises your skin. Both these issues, enlarged pores and dryness, get worse with age. This is the best toner for dry skin and normal skin, one that nourishes & keeps skin looking healthy, supple, and young.

Makeup removers can sometimes cause more damage than good, especially to dry lackluster skin. They don’t just clean the surface of the skin, but also whisk away the natural oils that are responsible for keeping the skin properly moisturised & young.

Skin needs a delicate pore cleanser that doesn't dehydrate it. Our cleansing milk for dry skin and normal skin gently gets rid of dirt & germs from the face, hydrates, and makes it supple.

Our innovative pearl extract, combined with sea minerals, is designed to reverse signs of aging. Cleanser can be followed by Tonic & Cream, once/twice a day.

Pearl extract has active amino acids & minerals, which nourish dry skin, increase its elasticity, & make it look more youthful.

Moist 24, Hydromanil, & squalene, provide intense hydration & reduce water loss from the skin. Shea butter softens & soothes the skin. Maracuja oil & D-Pantheol also soften the skin, making it firm, bright, & smooth, while reducing blemishes.

Serilesine & Matrixyl Morphomics are the best anti-wrinkle agents & help in rapid skin rejuvenation, along with vitamin A, E, F. Kudzu extract moisturises & calms the skin, while giving it an even tone.

Our cleansing milk gently ousts makeup & dirt, instantly hydrates, making skin soft & smooth.