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Karonda fruits are small berries, averaging 1 to 3 centimeters in length, and have an oval to ovoid shape with curved ends. The berries grow in clusters of 3 to 10 fruits and ripen at different stages, giving the shrub a multi-colored appearance. When young, the fruits are green to white, transitioning into a bright red-pink hue, finally ripening into a dark purple, almost black shade with maturity. The thin but tough skin will also change from taut, smooth, and glossy to slightly wrinkled with some give when ripe.

Underneath the surface, the flesh ranges from pale red to crimson, depending on the degree of ripeness, and is aqueous and soft, encasing 2 to 8 flat, brown seeds. When harvested, the fruits may also emit a milky white latex that should be removed before eating.

Karonda fruits have a subtly sweet, herbal taste with prominent sour, bitter, tart, and acidic notes. Each berry will vary in flavor depending on the growing environment and maturity..,

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