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Rose Water

Made from fresh Rose petals and water, Rosewater is one of the main ingredients of several beauty products. Not only that, Pure rose water can be applied directly to your face for enhancing its complexion. Its mild yet mesmerizing fragrance makes organic rose water an ideal replacement for synthetic perfumes and fragrances. Rosewater possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is also used in the treatment of many skin infections and ailments. best rose water is also rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from dullness and damage.

The antibacterial properties of rose water give it the potential to heal minor wounds and cuts. Moreover, original rose water is anti-aging properties that can be utilized in anti-aging skincare products as well. We have taken the highest precautions and the best safety standards have been integrated to produce high-quality products. Our rose flower water is safe to use as they do not contain any chemicals or hazardous cosmetic ingredients. As a result, you can incorporate this rose water into your daily beauty and skincare regime.

Skincare Products

Rosewater improves the tone and texture of your skin naturally and is used in many Skin & Face care products as one of the key cosmetic ingredients. Antiseptic & antibacterial properties of steam distilled rose water used to heal burns, cuts, scrapes, & scars.

Soap Making
Amazing aroma of Rose Water makes it a useful ingredient for making scented Soap Bars and other DIY Skincare and Hair care Products.

Face Cleanser
Rosewater is primarily used as a make-up remover or faces cleanser as it is chemical-free and cleans residue of make-up applications effectively. Use it as a spray to get instant relief from stress and anxiety.


Rose Water with Rose essential oil for aromatherapy use as it provides relief from both stress and headache. Rosewater soothes skin irritation and redness due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Eyecare Items
Rose Water is mainly used to wash your eyes and it relaxes the eyes. Applying rose petal water to your eyes soothes them instantly. Rosewater also helps you get rid of puffy eyes or dark circles.

Hair Growth Items
Pure Rose Water holds vitamins A, B3, C stimulate hair growth by curing scalp issues. It moisturizes the scalp and promotes the quick growth of lustrous and healthy hair.

Rose Water Benefits

Natural Pure Rose Water Is A Natural Moisturizer Imparts Glamour & Glow To The Skin Of All Type Being A Deep Conditioner. It Removes Breeze & Pollutants From The Skin. Natural rosewater hydrates, cleanses, tones the skin & makes it radiant. With its heavenly fragrance & matchless purity rosewater also has a calming effect. It can be used as a paste maker in face packs & in water at the bathing time.

Rose Water for Skin - The Basics 

Before we begin, here are some amazing benefits of rose water for skin that you should know about: 

Rose water helps maintain the pH levels of your skin 

It controls excess sebum production, which makes the best rose water for oily skin 

Good Antioxidants

Pure Rose Water contains powerful antioxidants that form a protective layer on the surface of your skin. Moreover, these antioxidants also fight against skin issues like acne, pimples, wrinkles, etc.

It is the perfect hydrating and nourishing agent for your skin, that’s why it works wonders for winter skin care with its many benefits. Rose water calms skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis, acne and other types of skin inflammations 

It strengthens the skin's barrier function and protects the skin against harmful environmental aggressors 

Now that you know about the many benefits of rose water for skin, here's how to use rose water in your everyday beauty routine

Buy Rose Water Online at Low Prices

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Rose Water contains many therapeutic qualities and can be used for treating various skin issues. You may also use them for making DIY cosmetics and soaps. We formulate our best quality rose water preserving its therapeutic value to the skin and body.

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