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  • Papaya Face Wash:

    The Kodai Herbal Papaya Face Wash contains active papaya extracts that reduce skin pigmentation and blemishes. The papaya face wash gives you a fresh look and deep cleanses. The papaya face wash makes your skin look radiant and unclogs your pores. The papaya face wash brightens your natural complexion, removes dead skin cells, and eliminates acne scars. It makes your skin soft and supple and decreases inflammation which helps your skin glow. The papaya face wash also removes the dullness and redness of the skin.


    Aqua | Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate | Cocamidopropyl Betaine | Glycerine | Triethanolamine | C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer | Propylene Glycol | Hydroxyethyl Urea | Perfume, Polysorbate 20 | Grape Fruit Extract | Ocimum Sanctum Extract | Sodium Methylparaben | Sodium Propylparaben | Di Sodium EDTA | CI 15850 | CI 42640

    Benefits of papaya

    Removes dullness

    Removes redness

    Brightens complexion

    Reduces skin pigmentation

    Reduces blemishes

    Gives a fresh look

    Deeply cleanses


    Reduces skin pigmentation Reduces blemishes

    Gives a fresh look

    Deep cleanses

    How to use :

    1. Apply to wet face with fingertips & palm

    2. Massage gently to form lather

    3. Rinse off and pat dry

    4. Use Astaberry Papaya sunscreen creme for best results.